Download Cremation formsThe cremation forms and documents on this page will assist you in completing the documents necessary to arrange a direct cremation. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding. If you have any questions about a form or how to complete a form, call your Affinity Cremation representative before proceeding at (813) 684-7500.

Each form is provided in PDF format which requires Adobe® Reader® to open and print. We recommend using Adobe® Reader® version 9.0 or greater for these forms. If you do not already have this free software, it is available by clicking on the logo below.

INTERACTIVE (FILLABLE) FORMS: For your convenience these documents are designed to allow you to fill in any required information before printing. Simply click your mouse in the form area where you wish to insert information, type the information and then print the document. You may also simply print the blank form to be filled in by hand after printing.


Required Forms to Authorize the Cremation

This document includes the two most commonly required forms to arrange a cremation:

1. Death Certificate Information Worksheet -
This form will provide us with the necessary information to prepare the death certificate.
2. Authorization for Cremation and Disposition Form -
Florida law requires the cremation to be authorized by a legally authorized person. We will need to obtain the signature(s) on this form before proceeding. This form must be witnessed by a Notary Public (or equivalent).


Hillsborough Medical Examiner Release Form

(USE THIS FORM ONLY IF THE BODY IS WITH THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINER.) The Hillsborough Medical Examiner Department requires the legal next-of-kin to sign their form prior to releasing the body to the cremation provider. This form is for that purpose. While this form includes their fax number, please do not fax this form to the Medical Examiner, return the form to us and we will provide it to them.


Assignment of Authority to Cremate

(SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES FORM - USE ONLY IF INSTRUCTED BY US.) Florida law specifies the priority order of who the Legally Authorized Person is to authorize a cremation. This form may be used for those instances where the Legally Authorized Person wishes to designate someone else to authorize and arrange for the cremation of the body.

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