Here you will find various information documents that will seek to assist you in the final arrangement process. These documents are not required to arrange the cremation but rather are simply provided to help you. If you have questions about one of these subjects, these documents may help you with some answers..


Death Certificates - How Many Copies?

Determining how many certified copies of the death certificate to order can be complicated as it may be different for each individual circumstance. This checklist of places where you could expect to need a certified copy may be useful in helping you determine the number of copies that is right for you.
This brochure explains the approval process before a cremation and gives a step by step explanation of the things that must happen before we can complete a cremation. It also provides information about placing obituaries, obtaining death certificates and notifying certain governmental agencies after a death.

Florida Law Concerning Cremation

People often ask about the Florida laws concerning cremation. We hope this document will help to explain some of these requirements and why there is a waiting period for cremation in Florida. This document contains excerpts from the actual Florida Statutes that apply to cremation. We would be happy to speak directly with you and explain further if necessary.

Guidelines for Scattering Ashes

There is a lot of confusion about what is allowed regarding scattering or dispersing ashes both at sea and on land. This document seeks to clarify these issues and offers some good suggestions for those who wish to scatter or disperse cremated remains. You may also want to see our Scattering Information Page

Code of Federal Regulations Regarding Burial at Sea

This is a copy of the US Code, Title 40, Volume 12, Parts 190 to 259, which cover the federal regulations on Burial at Sea. The areas of the code which apply to cremated remains are highlighted to help you in understanding these requirements. You may also want to see our Scattering Information Page
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