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Tired of being given a price only to find out that the price you were quoted didn't include everything necessary?

You won't get that at Affinity Direct Cremation Service. When we quote a price, it includes ALL normally necessary expenses. We've included every necessary expense to provide a simple, low-cost direct cremation...the transportation directly to the crematory, the minimum alternative container which takes the place of a casket at the crematory, required refrigeration, the cremation, a simple container for the ashes...EVEN THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINER FEE if required.

Our $895 Price Includes...

  • Transportation from place of death to crematory (within 35 mile radius)
  • Basic Alternative Container (An appropriate container for the body which eliminates the need for a casket.)
  • Care and Refrigeration of the body (Eliminates the need for embalming.)
  • Obtaining all required authorizations, permissions and permits
  • Assisting with placement of newspaper notices
  • Initial notification to Social Security Administration
  • Cremation performed by Certified Technician
  • Returning the cremated remains in basic container or other container as determined by you

Additional Optional Items...

  • County required charge for any Certified Copies of the Death Certificate
  • Any Newspaper charges required by publisher for obituary notices
  • Additional charges for special requests (i.e., mailing ashes, scattering at sea, etc.) See below

Please Note: As a Direct Cremation provider, we do not provide any type of viewing or ceremony.

Sea Placement and Scattering AvailableSea Placement / Scattering...

(Unattended) We provide a respectful, dignified sea scattering locally in the Gulf of Mexico. We depart port from the Madeira Beach area and travel west a minimum distance of 3 miles as required by US Code. We record the exact longitude & latitude coordinates which are provided to you in the form of a certificate suitable for framing. If you wish to attend, Private Charters are also available. - Unattended Sea Placement COST: $175

Call us for available options for Attended Scattering.

Mailing Cremated Remains...

(US Postal Service) If you choose, we may send the ashes in the container you select to any domestic mail address you specify. For your convenience, we have established a flat rate for this service. Our mailing fee includes packaging the container appropriately for mailing, hand-carrying the packaged ashes to the Postal Service and sending the package by PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL (the only method allowed by USPS). This can be a valuable service for those who are not able to travel or simply appreciate the convenience of having the ashes delivered somewhere else for them. - COST: $95 (in Florida),  $150 (Domestic outside Florida)

General Price List/Disclosure...

For your convenience you may download our complete General Price List, Alternative Container Price List and Urn Price List in the format specified by the Federal Trade Commission by clicking on the link below:

Download our General Price ListOur General Price List (PDF)


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